New Song "UNIVERSE OF 77"

Our brand new song "UNIVERSE OF 77" now here ...

see "Music" or have look on SoundCloud.


few days left to the release of the video clip

“We knew our friends by their names … one by one 
   no need to save their faces in a digitally cache.   
   To share good things with good friends was not a klick,  
   those things we shared… were real. “

 “OUT IN THE GREEN was not a brand … was not even born.
  Just was a place where we shared life and peace and love.
  3D meant to ride our bikes   ….  Outdoor (!!)”

 “All those days keep fading all away, seams they’re lost for ever and a day
 The universe will save them day by day by day by day”

Don’t take the lyrics of UNIVERSE OF 77 as attack against Facebook & Co.
ELEVEN is also part of social media and appreciate to share music by using those platforms.

This song just reflects our thoughts  whenever we remember those fabulous days in 60ties and 70 ties.
Grateful  we’ve had the opportunity being part of those days … to be there …
Front row  (VIP seats) .  No need to “share”  or stream … Not asking for  “LIKEs” .
All our (true) friends were there too … J . And still today we remember their names.