ELEVEN - Story

After twenty-two years, two good friends meet for dinner at a fine Italian restaurant.

After about two bottles of “Amarone” they decided to meet in the studio for a session.
Just to get a feeling of their actual ability in songwriting. Just to see if there is something left of this amazing creativity they shared in the 80ties.   

A few days later, while having this studio session, they realized, that their creativity seemed just to wait for this reunion.  

deciding to give a chance to it, they met once a week for a songwriting session. It took just three mons to write over thirty songs.

ELEVEN was born.  After

So , look forward stay tuned.

Rolf Jungen

Leadvox / Guitars

Grew up in the 80ties. First collage band at the age of 14. Several Bands when Heavy Rock music was on its best.

1984: Rolf meets Charly Preissel.Foundation of their own rock band..on top, numerous gigs as „special guest” (different styles).
1994 :  Rolf quit the band and needs to retreat for a while.After about five years, Rolf started again playing gigs withseveral bands and studio projects.
2009 : Foundation of his Rockabilly Project .Several Live-Shows.
2016 : Re-Union with Charly Preissel ;In only three month they wrote over 30 Songs.
            ELEVEN  was born.

Education: Lessons in classical vocals. On top , Drum , Piano, Guitar 

Equipment: Shure SM58 Beta, MARTIN acoustic guitar, Gibson Les Paul Classic

Charly Preissel

Guitars / Vocals

99% self-educated.
1972: Thanx  „Deep Purple in Rock“, Charly starts to play guitar at the age of 10.
1977: FirstBlues-Rock Band;  Live Gigs, Studio Recording (Release of 2 Singles) . On Top: „Jam Sessions all over the place“.   
1983: Foundation of his own band; Studio Sessions (Release of 1 Single) ....
1983: Charly meets Rolf Jungen : Foundation of their own band. Several live gigs and studio sessions.
1994: Both quit the band.  Foundation of Digital-ART-Studios( Basel, Switzerland) .
1997-98 : Further self-education in playing and music theory. Start work as studio session gitarrist und as „Side Man“ for several acts.
2000: Songwriting mit Marc Storace.
2004 Songwriting for the band Krokus. 2005:  Gold Award.
2008-10: on the road with BOSE (demonstration L1 systems).
2014-16 Sideman of “ bei Michèle, Winner of „Voice of Germany 2013 (Kids Voice).  

2016 : Re-Union with Rolf Jungen; Songwriting. In only three month they wrote over 30 Songs.

ELEVEN  was born.

 Equipment :  Guitars by Tino Tedesco, ESP, LUKE, Godin, Ibanez , Ovation


Further details : see www.charly-preissel.com

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